Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OK ...I found a picture for FINK ELIMINATOR that I like. Texas artist Johnny Ace has a poster with this character ...but I would still like to have an original one too.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So's what I need ...a HIGH RES scan of this ROTH magazine ad. I wished I knew which magazine, which year, or which month ...but I don't have a clue. There isa giant castle on the left of the drawing and I believe it was a full page ad:

It has all 12 of the models Ed Roth and Revell teamed up and made frpm  1963 - 1965. Please help me if you can and I'll send you some colored photos of my renderings.

If you still see this post ...I am still looking for a good scan ...and I'll remove this post when I get them ...THANKS!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Colored Model drawings

I like to color FINK drawings too. I don't sleep well and often wake up and drag my PRISMACOLOR pens and pencils out to pass some time ...hope you like these ...Weldon

I do not have an image of OUTLAW with ROBBIN HOOD FINK or an original FINK ELIMINATOR. I found most of these from old ROTH magazine advertisements in car magazines. If you have one I would sure try to find something that I would trade you a good color one for a good copy of it. 
I built this Revell RAT FINK model when the kit was reissued in '90. The plate around the teeth was removed and inner mouth and tounge was made from Sculpy Clay. The kit's plastic tale was replaced with another Sculpy Clay piece too. The body had to be raised slightly to let the tale come out between RF's feet. The snout was lengthened and the ball on the end was made slightly larger with automotive bondo and toothpick teeth were added. A"crooked toe" was made from plastic tubing. A narrow slot was cut in the top of the head where the ears meet and a narrow strip of craft fur was stuffed in after painting.

I chose water based acrylic craft paints to paint this kit. A slightly lighter shade of color was dry brushed over the skin to bring out the high point details ...then an oil based stain was used to bring up the lower details in the plastic. A final 2 coats of a Matte Varnish was applied for protection. The ever present bandage was added to his tail.

I was at a car show in Dallas, Texas with a model club. Big Daddy was there too. When he saw my RAT FINK model ...he asked if he could pick it up for a closer inspection as he had never seen a customized RAT FINK before. He whipped out his pen and autographed the back  ...TOO FREAKIN' COOL!!!

WOW! ...23 years ago and still looks this good!
In 2006 ...I was lucky enough to be one of the 84 artists selected to receive one of the 12" polystone Rat Finks that were made as promotional items for the movie about Ed Roth. The movie was produced by Ron Mann and had its premere opening in Austin, Texas. They also had a VIP party for us following the movie where the Sadies played some really good music for everyone. All of the finished pieces were on display and I got to meet some of the other artist along with Ilene Roth.

My contribution sold this summer when they were finally put up for sale in LA at the LA LUZ De JESUS GALLERY . It sold for $500 and I receive half for my work.